Translation, on-site interpretation, and logistic support during assembly, commissioning and start-up of a paper machine.

Our client Valmet had personnel from Finland and Chile on site. They needed interpreters during the assembly stage to ensure communication between the client’s personnel, as well as the supplier Vendor, and contractor.

Dungun provided an interpreter specialized in the field according to the technical level required for the execution of the project.

Additionally, Dungun was responsible for translating all technical documentation such as manuals, calculation reports, contracts, drawings, presentations, notes, etc., required within the framework of the assembly and start-up of the paper mill project.

The on-site interpretation was performed during safety training, process training and consulting. Also, during meetings, test activities, coordination, and management.

As an additional feature to the project, the company was also offered logistical support in the processing and stay of foreign personnel.

The service was initially contracted for six months; however, given the length of the project, the client requested an extension due to the daily activities. The interpreters working on the project became more and more important thanks to their proactivity and terminology management to ensure the correct development of activities between people speaking different languages. The service was later repeated in the other areas of the same project as the number of foreign personnel increased.

The project team consisted of Carolina Villarroel, Pablo Reyes, Ignacio Saelzer, Nicolás Saelzer, and Francisca Bahamondes.