We provided translation, on-site interpretation, and logistic support to Andritz.

The client Andritz requested an interpreting service, as it had personnel from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, England, and Chile on site for the bag filter commissioning area installed in Ventanas. Communication between personnel from both the client and the supplier Vendor was needed to continue the project.

Dungun offered Andritz an interpreter on-site for the described period who was experienced in other similar services.

The assignment involved translating all technical documentation such as manuals, calculation reports, contracts, drawings, presentations, notes, etc., required for assembling and starting a bag filter in an electric power plant. On-site interpretation during safety training, process training, and consultancy. Interpreting during meetings and testing, coordination, and management activities. Logistic support during the processing and stay of foreign personnel.

The service started in one plant for a three-month period, which was later extended as a result of the support we provided in the development of daily and day-to-day activities. The interpreters working on the project gained relevance thanks to their proactivity and terminology management to achieve the correct growth of the activities between people speaking different languages. The service was then repeated in the other two plants of the client where the machinery was being installed, so the service was also provided at the Tocopilla, Ventanas, and Guacolda facilities during the electromechanical assembly, start-up, commissioning, and babysitting stages.

The project team consisted of Karina Oporto, Carolina Sanhueza, Carolina Villaroel, and Ingrid Landa.