Translation, simultaneous interpretation, on-site interpretation, and logistic support to paper mill

Our client, a paper company, was to receive a technical visit from a US vendor specialized in the electrical field. The company needed an interpreter to ensure communication between the specialist and its personnel during the electrical assembly of a cogeneration plant.

Dungun provided an interpreter on-site for the described period and with experience in similar services.
During the process, on-site interpreting services were provided during safety training, process training, and consulting. Interpreting during meetings and testing, coordination, and management activities.

The service started in one plant for a two-month period, which was later extended as a result of the support we provided in the development of daily and day-to-day activities. The client was pleased and continued to consider us for other services thanks to the proactivity and terminology management of the interpreters who took part in the service for the correct development of the activities between people who speak different languages. The service was then repeated in the other areas of the same plant such as thermal plant, process, paper machine, maintenance, and wastewater plant during engineering activities, plant shutdown, maintenance, audits, etc.

To date, the company agreed to work with us in all its subsidiaries, having been awarded a three-year framework contract for its 11 plants in Chile.

The project team consisted of Karina Oporto, Carolina Sanhueza, Carolina Villarroel, Tarek Jara, María Assmann, Aurora Lillo, and Anette Parra.