Dungun. A team of professionals with a vision.

What started with CK Traducciones over eight years ago, today, 2022, has given rise to Dungun. Why the rebranding? In simple words: expansion, leaving the label “translations” as our purpose, and awakening to the global vision that has been characterizing us for a long time.

And when it comes to doing things with your heart and head aligned, you have to do it collaboratively. This rebranding would have not been possible without the support of our agency and consultant LEBRAN, which led us to a philosophical, mystical, as well as strategic and revealing immersion: “We are a platform for linguistic solutions”.

Throughout this process, the simple and powerful word Dungun became our mantra, because in Mapudungun it means mother tongue, language, and communication. To provide solutions we must return to the origin, to the mother tongue, and all the experience and knowledge that is strengthened as a superpower by combining a strong and multipurpose team as the one that brings Dungun together this 2022. Karina Oporto, its founder and business manager; Andrea Ojeda, leading the execution of projects as Project Manager; Marcia Galindo, in Quality Management and Marketing; together with a team of flexible professionals, specialized and oriented towards delivering solutions from linguistic design to on-site execution.