Our value proposition

Dungun is a company focused on managing its projects under a methodology that ensures service quality and is made up of a team of specialized professionals.

We offer our clients our linguistic skills, experience, knowledge, and methodologies to overcome communication barriers, guaranteeing the quality, availability and confidentiality of our services.



We dream of a world that thrives and interconnects, for which we act as a bridge between languages, cultures, people, and organizations, delivering a quality, agile and efficient service specially designed for our clients through a committed and professional work team.


Become a Platform for language solutions that facilitates the interaction of our clients, allowing them to communicate with their international markets. We work with the best professionals, providing them with training and development opportunities in a unique environment. We offer translation and localization services to all size companies, in Chile and globally.


Our values lead our steps and actions as a company as well as all our relationships and communication with our clients, suppliers, and collaborators.


The practice of being honest by showing consistent adherence to the principles of the organization. It concerns honesty and truthfulness, and accuracy in one’s actions.


Ability to adapt easily to Different circumstances or to accommodate rules to different situations or needs.


The human being’s ability to become aware of the importance of complying with the development of his work within the time stipulated for it. Individual and collective.


Karina Oporto
Founder & Business Manager

Translator and Interpreter, and Master in Industrial and Systems Engineering specialized in developing business opportunities and designing linguistic solutions

Karina is a translator and interpreter who is passionate about her work. Her career has led her to specialize in the industrial area. Her expertise lies in localization project management, terminology management, communication with stakeholders, and client portfolio management. As the founder of Dungun, Karina has imbued her strategic and collaborative vision by implementing a work culture based on quality management, cross-functional teams and process innovation, and technological tools. Her connection with mother earth and native cultures has inspired the origin of Dungun, which in Mapudungun means: Language, mother tongue.

Andrea Ojeda
Project Manager

Translator and interpreter with over 15 years of experience in the language industry

Andrea is the leader in charge of Dungun’s project management. Her soft skills and technical expertise have allowed her to establish successful working relationships over time in forestry, mining, agriculture, and technology projects. Her sensitivity, team management, and understanding of the client have proven to be qualities that strengthen Dungun’s values: Integrity, commitment, and flexibility. Proactive and responsible, organized, and committed to always providing a service that adds value in each of the stages of our projects.